I'm Melissa. And this is Heart & Salt.

Offline, home is a tall skinny house with a red and grey kitchen, and it is just about my favourite place in the world. Online, home is Heart & Salt--the place where I share the things I like to make and to eat. I love the making, but I really love the eating. Most of all, I love feeding--nourishing  the people I care about with delicious vegetarian food made with love and care, and giving you the tools to do the same. 

I grew up near Toronto and after living in Japan, Kingston, and Halifax, Toronto is home again. I share my tall skinny house with my partner Alexis (rhymes with sexy) who loves to eat my cooking, doesn't love doing the dishes, and inspires me to cook the French and North African food he ate as a child spending summers in France. Earlier this year, we adopted the handsomest cat in all the land. His name is Moose.

2012-12-04 10.13.02

When I'm not cooking, I'm working on my PhD--writing about poets who lived in my neighbourhood in the 1950s and 1960s--and training for a half marathon.

I own entirely too many cookbooks.